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Organization Pairs Shelter Dogs With Veterans To Help Them Navigate PTSD.

Many soldiers experience symptoms of PTSD when they return home after a deployment, so it’s essential that they find encouragement and support. One way they can do so is by partnering with a trained service dog.

Knowing how effective these loyal companions are for people transitioning back into civilian life, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation launched a program that trains service animals and provides them to veterans — free of charge!


When the organization started Pets and Vets in 2011, it knew it would bring the best of both worlds! Not only would it save animals from overcrowded shelters, but it would also help those who have sacrificed so much for their country!

According to ARF, service dogs keep these brave men and women from experiencing as much anxiety, panic, and depression. Better still, the partnerships offer “stability and companionship,” promote “sociability,” and create “routines and self-care practices.”

The pups accomplish these things by learning to recognize signs of PTSD like panic and nightmares. When they spot them, they rush to comfort their owners while they process their overwhelming emotions.


Best of all, ARF doesn’t just hand a veteran a service dog and move on. Instead, it offers classes and group events and cares for the animals throughout their lives — all at no cost to the veteran.


What an amazing way to come alongside veterans while giving so many dogs a forever home! We’re so excited to know that they will receive the comfort and love they deserve, and it’s all thanks to ARF’s incredible mission. Keep up the great work!

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