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The Perfect Halloween Costume Exists — But Nobody Will See You In It!

This invisible man costume is the perfect outfit for a Halloween party.

Many people are trying to find that perfect costume with Halloween quickly approaching. They want a “Wow” factor that is off the charts. That perfect outfit might seem elusive whether you are a child, teen, or adult. If you’re a couple, you may be looking for a perfect duet that works in tandem… A doctor and nurse, or a football player and cheerleader. I’ve even seen people dressed as toilets with an accompanying toilet paper roll. Families can do themed sets of costumes, too.

family halloween costume
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Jana Roach is a creative person who enjoys “decorating houses and making art.” Using some thrift store finds, a lot of creativity, and a glue gun, Jana created the most amazingly perfect outfit for Halloween! Unfortunately, it is so clever that you can’t really see it. Jana created the invisible man!

The perfect outfit for Halloween is the invisible man!
Image from TikTok.

On her TikTok channel, Jana stated that they were able to thrift everything for the perfect outfit except “the glue sticks, sheer fabric and bowtie.” The costume design is really awesome. Jana expertly sewed eye holes in the chest of a suit using the sheer fabric. A Fedora and glasses are suspended using a type of halo device that allows them to move as if they were resting on an invisible head. To test the design, Jana went through the drive-thru lines at nearby restaurants to judge the reactions.

As you can see, the results when people saw this perfect outfit were incredible! It is clear that Jana has a talent for costume design. You can see some of her other costume creations on her main TikTok channel! She is truly a creative soul. The design and execution of this idea make it one of the best Halloween costumes EVER!


This was the BEST costume everrrrrr! Invisible man — so cheap and honestly the coolest!! We thrifted most everything except the glue sticks, sheer fabric and bowtie! #halloweenlook #halloweentok #halloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume #happyhalloween

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