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People Share Advice That Could Save Your Life One Day

You never know when the most random piece of knowledge will come in handy. Growing up, we come across all sorts of interesting facts that end up helping us out. But have you ever considered that you may have life-saving advice that others don’t? That’s why it’s so cool that the following Reddit post not only exists but is so popular.

The most can be found under a group called askreddit. In it, the user asks a simple yet impactful question: What’s a fact that could save your life? With thousands of replies, there’s all sorts of useful info to share — and I’ve gathered some of the best!

1. For the next time you need to make a fire pit…

The rocks from a river absorb water. When rapidly heated it causes the absorbed water to boil much quicker than steam can escape the rock. This buildup of steam causes the rock to explode, sending hot rock fragments everywhere. So don't use rocks from a river to make a fire pit.

As cool as exploding rocks may sound, that’s definitely not something you want to happen while making a fire!

2. If you fall into icy water, the first step is to remain as calm as possible. Next, it’s time to find an exit — here’s a tip on how to best do that.

If you fall through the ice... the dark spot is the way out. Edit > the sun reflects off the ice surface. The spot you entered has no ice or reflection, so will be dark ... opposite what we would naturally think

Although everyone’s situation is unique, this can be used as a general guide for when you need to think quick.

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