Kitten Who Was At Death’s Door Defies The Odds And Shows Everyone How Tough She Is.

Never underestimate a fighter!

Animal rescuers see some truly tragic cases, and some of the sickest little ones they take in don’t make it. It’s a tough job, but the pets that do pull through make their efforts worthwhile!

When a kitten named Penny was brought to Sheza Elizabeth’s shelter, she was barely clinging to life. “When I got her, she was in a coma,” her foster mom Shelly explained. “She was blind, deaf, she couldn’t walk, and she was freezing cold. And I thought she was dying.”

Shelly kept the poor baby warm and fed her with an eyedropper, but when she went to bed that night, she didn’t expect Penny to be alive in the morning. But the next day, she found out she was dealing with a tough cookie who refused to give up!

An MRI revealed that Penny had hydrocephaly, or water on the brain, which gave her a very low chance of survival. Yet at the end of her seven-day therapeutic treatment, she was better than ever. She could eat regular food from a dish instead of being bottle-fed, and as the days went on, she got stronger and stronger. It wasn’t long before she was trying her hardest to walk!

Penny was showing signs of being feisty at heart too. Once she could use her legs, she went from crawling to running in no time. She even started tussling with the other cats at the rescue, proving herself to be surprisingly tenacious.

“Normally, kittens just understand that when you get whacked by a bigger cat you’ve got to back off, but she just keeps going in and in,” Shelly said. “She’s like a little shark.”

Two months after she was found on death’s doorstep, Penny became one of the fiercest kittens in the shelter! These days, she can run and use her whole body normally. She has also regained her hearing, and her vision has returned to about 90 percent.

“She really inspired me not to give up,” Shelly said.

It won’t be long before Penny is ruling her entire household in her perfect forever home! We can all take a lesson from this tough kitty. No matter how down you may be, there’s always a way forward!

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