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Penniless Man Delivers Food And Ends Up Finding A Job In The Most Unexpected Way.

A two-photo collage. The first is of Sahil smiling near a staircase. The second is a close up of Sahil's phone. On it is an image of his Bachelor of Technology degree from Mewar University.

You never know when a chance encounter will change your life. Sahil Singh certainly didn’t expect anything to come from yet another delivery he was set to make less than a week ago with Swiggy, a food delivering service in India. Before the life-changing moment, however, came a series of events that had Sahil feeling hopeless. It all started when he moved home because of COVID-19.

Years ago, this well-educated young man had a job that gave him a good salary, but his circumstances since the move have changed drastically. With no other job prospects, he began working for Swiggy, where he was barely making ends meet. In fact, he found himself in debt and without a car, scooter, or even a bike.

Then, on the day of his chance encounter, Sahil found himself completely out of money. His roommate had taken the last of his money, leaving him with nothing to pay the landlord. To make matters worse, he was given an order to deliver what would take him nearly two miles, all on foot.

As he worked hard to get the food delivered ASAP, the customer, Priyanshi Chandel, was waiting patiently for her ice cream. After 30 to 40 minutes, Sahil finally rang her doorbell. The state he was in left her shocked.

“I opened the door to see a young man panting for air, sitting on the staircase outside my flat,” Priyanshi said. “With all my alarms triggering within me, I asked him what happened.”

When given the opportunity to share his story, Sahil graciously took it. He recounted how he got to where he’s at today, including the fact that he had not eaten for a week and was, instead, getting by on water and tea.

“I am not asking for anything, please if you can find me a job, I used to make 25k before,” Priyanshi recalled him telling her. “I am 30 years old, my parents are getting old and I can’t keep asking for money from them.”

Wanting to help, Priyanshi offered Sahil all that she could: a glass of water and 500 rupees. But then, she thought of one more thing she could do that might help.

On LinkedIn, Priyanshi made a post all about Sahil and her encounter with him. She emphasized that he is more than qualified to do great work for someone, even going so far as to share images of his degree and other credentials.

“If someone has any openings for an office boy, admin work, customer support etc., please help a fellow out!” she wrote. “I’m not sure whether his plea was absolutely genuine or not, but the least we could do is try. Please do like and repost so that it reaches more people in your network.”

Priyanshi called out for help and folks listened! Her post got over 12,000 reactions and, even though she only shared it five days ago, she’s already back with an exciting update.

“He got a job!!!” she said. “Thanks everyone who came forward, y’all are awesome.”

Life can change in an instant, and we’re so happy that Sahil was able to see that first-hand!

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