Penguin Peek-A-Boo: Toddler Can’t Stop Giggling While Playing With New Friend

A penguin at the zoo plays peekaboo with a little girl

Did you know that penguins know how to play peekaboo? Neither did we, but this adorable video proves that at least one of these birds is familiar with the game! When a three-year-old named Jersey went to the zoo, they were delighted by the energetic penguin’s hilarious antics. This animal kept bobbing up and down in the water, hiding their face from the toddler only to pop back up again!

Jersey couldn’t stop laughing as the silly penguin continued to play peekaboo with them from behind the glass of their enclosure. It looked like the bird was having a great time, too! However, we wonder if the penguin was aware that the toddler could see them regardless of whether their head was above water.

Footage of the game of penguin peekaboo at the zoo has been going viral online. Commenters thought the video was too cute!

“Every living creature shows love!” wrote one user. “This is sweet!”

A penguin at the zoo plays peekaboo in the water.
Screengrab from Facebook

Some kids certainly have a way with animals, don’t they? It’s amazing how Jersey was able to connect with this funny penguin at the zoo through a game of peekaboo.

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