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Sweet Pit Bull Adopts Rescued Magpie And Their Friendship Is Too Cute For Words.

pit bull and magpie cuddling

Animals have an immense capacity to love, and that love often extends far beyond their own species.

When Juliette and her partner Reece welcomed a rescued magpie into their home, they wondered how she would fit in with their family. The couple has a pit bull named Peggy, and the two animals weren’t exactly big fans of one another in those first few days.

“Peggy didn’t want to go anywhere near her. She was really scared,” Juliette said.

While the bird and the dog stayed in the same room, they refused to get within a few feet of each other. For days, the pair acted like negative magnets, but then Juliette finally saw an incredible development.

“One day I looked down and they were both snuggled down on the floor together,” she said.


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♬ Better Together – Ben OConnor

From that moment on, Peggy and Molly have been the best of friends! The two are never apart and spend every moment of their days together. They cuddle, take naps, hang out in their yard, and even play with the same toys and eat the same foods.

“It’s so beautiful,” Juliette said.

Juliette noticed that Peggy tends to act very maternally toward Molly. In fact, the dog felt so protective of her “baby” that she even started producing milk to feed Molly! Juliette took her to the vet and found out the pup was experiencing a “phantom pregnancy,” which is actually pretty common for dogs who are nurturing another creature.

Now Juliette is convinced that Molly thinks she’s a dog – while Peggy thinks she’s a bird mama!

“Molly thinks she’s a dog and Peggy is her mom,” Juliette said with a laugh. “They’re here to spread love.”

The whole experience has brought so much joy to their household. Juliette has been sharing pictures and videos of this unusual friendship on Instagram and TikTok, and she now has thousands of followers who can’t get enough of Mama Peggy and her feathered baby.

Can you believe Peggy experienced a phantom pregnancy to feed her feather baby? What a sweet girl! We can’t wait to see more from these two!

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