18 Gorgeous Paw Print Tattoos For Anyone Whose Dog Is Part Of The Family

People often get tattoos of names, objects, places, even phrases, as a way to memorialize something personal. And it doesn't get much more personal than the kind of relationship you have with a pet. In a recent trend, people are getting inked with paw prints—but not the generic ones you’ve seen before. These tattoos are of their own dogs’ paws, and the designs are pretty darn cool. Check them out in the list below!

1. Who'd ever be able to forget a face like that?

2. It looks like Doodlebug wouldn't quite sit still.

3. That's probably where his paws land whenever he jumps up to greet her.

4. I, too, know the pain of a big dog stepping on my foot.

5. Preserved in full color!

6. Aww. I could gaze into those eyes all day.

7. Sigh. The worst thing about owning pets. But yes, they remain with you always.

8. Another touching memorial to a beloved canine who's crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

9. Hmmm. Well, maybe she had a heart-shaped birthmark on one toe.

10. I'm always with you. Even when I'm not.

11. This colorful tat is breathtaking! 

12. Look! She even got the colors on the paw pads right!

13. I love the attention to detail on this one. 

14. Furry feet, you gotta love 'em. 

15. Siberian husky? German shepherd? Wolfdog? Whatever, she is, she's obviously loved beyond words.

16. Just gorgeous.

17. So life-like!

18. Who else is ready to get one like this?

What a thoughtful and creative way to honor our furry best friends. Share this incredibly unique, personalized artwork today!
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