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Parents Try To Teach Their Toddler To Jump—His Attempts Are So Adorable That They Go Viral

toddler jump

When these parents realized their toddler had mastered walking, they hoped he’d unlock a new skill—jumping. But they gravely underestimated how hard it would be to teach him how.

Boyd and Giselle, who run a namesake TikTok account that showcases their adventures in parenting, posted the most wholesome video of Boyd teaching their young son, Luca, how to hop with both feet. Or at least attempt to.

“We didn’t realize how hard it would be to teach our son how to jump,” they captioned over the clip.

The video shows Luca overcome with joy as his parents urge him to “jump.” Luca can’t seem to get a handle on getting two feet off the ground, but he sure enjoys trying. Boyd showcases the move and Luca tries to mimic him by bending his knees and then popping up straight, all while giggling hysterically.


Stopp he really thinks he’s jumping 😭

♬ Nice and Easy – Louis Adrien

“Stopp he really thinks he’s jumping 😭,” the parents captioned.

“He’s jumping so high in his brain lol,” a happy commenter wrote. “Cutest thing ever!!!

“His brain is totally connecting,” someone else pointed out. “His thighs got the idea but his little calves and ankles just can’t yet. So cute🥰.”

The toddler almost figures out how to jump like his dad. He gets the motion down, but he never clears the ground. He falls down a few times, but he gets right back up. And while he didn’t unlock that new milestone, he did figure out how to spin in circles.

“Being able to share these kinds of magic moments together as a family means everything to us,” Boyd and Giselle told PEOPLE of the experience. “We love to see everyone laugh, relate, and enjoy the journey of parenthood with us.”

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