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Parents Cheer On Awesome Teacher Who Brings Kindergartners’ Artwork To Life.

kids' drawings with stuffed animals that look just like them.

The best teachers are the ones who go the extra mile, even when no one asked them to!

When Reid Parker of Melbourne, Australia learned that his child’s kindergarten teacher made each child in her class a handmade stuffed toy, he was impressed. Then he found out that she designed the toys using the kids’ own drawings of monsters, and he was blown away by her level of commitment, not to mention her talent! He shared his son Oscar’s drawing of a “therizinosaurus” on Twitter, and the thread took off.

1. “My kid’s teacher made toys for her class based on their drawings,” he wrote with a photo of Oscar’s drawing and toy. “Pay teachers more,” he added.

2. As Reid continued to add photos of the kids’ and teacher’s handiwork, people from all over the world praised the teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous.

3. Everyone agreed that this teacher’s creativity is only matched by her generosity.

4. A lot of people asked Reid how they could donate money to the teacher to cover some of her expenses.

5. The stuffed animals really struck a chord with lots of kind people out there.

6. “My wife and I would like to give her something for the holidays,” wrote one Twitter user. “We’re both former teachers and think what she did was truly amazing for those kids. She brought their illustrations to life, literally. We need more like her/him.”

7. Reid agreed, so he started a GoFundMe.

8. So far, more than 362 people have donated over $9,500!

9. What an unexpected windfall for this humble teacher!

10. Something tells us she will wind up using that money to help children, in some way.

11. After all, “She’s a very special teacher,” according to Reid.

12. We definitely agree!

This teacher found a very cute way to bring children’s imaginations to life. We’re so glad she’s being rewarded for going out of her way to make kids smile.

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