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Family Finds Grandpa’s Lost Phone In Bizarre Location & Can’t Stop Laughing.

papa finds phone in shoe

Misplacing your cell phone is always a bit of an annoyance.

The first step is to retrace your steps, checking all of the usual spots where you might have set it down. If that doesn’t work, you dial the phone number from another line, hoping that you’ll hear it ringing somewhere nearby. When all else fails, you can use an app like “Find My iPhone” to help track it down. It always seems to end up in the last place you’d think to look.


For one family, it became a group effort to locate their grandfather’s missing cell phone. Poor Papa was utterly stumped about where the phone had gone. When someone dialed the number, he could hear it faintly ringing, but he just couldn’t track it down.

Papa enlisted the help of his children and grandchildren, but no one could figure out from where that faint sound was emanating. His notifications had been chiming all day, and he was mystified.


After hours of fruitless searching, one of his sons suggested that it might be in Papa’s clothing somewhere. Papa pats his pants pockets mournfully, but no dice. Short of frisking him, there was only one way left to find the phone.

“You’re gonna have to take your pants off,” someone suggests. “It’s not in my pants!” Papa scoffs.

Finally, someone brings him inside and listens to the ring intently. They put their ears right next to his body and start following the sound down. And down.

And down.

“Is it in his shoe?”

“No!” Papa exclaims!

But it was totally in his shoe.


The family bursts into laughter when they find the phone tucked into Papa’s loafer.

“You’ve been stepping on it the whole time!” Someone says in between laughs. That’s when Papa remembered putting his phone in his shoe for safekeeping earlier in the day.


Can you believe he didn’t even feel it in there? What a hilarious place to find your phone.

Watch the funny scene below, and be sure to share to make someone laugh today!

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