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7 Reasons Ozzy Osbourne’s Granddaughter, Maple, Is The Cutest Princess Of Darkness

Family values are important in the Osbourne clan as Sharon and Ozzy share a meal with some of their grandchildren.

Maple Osbourne is growing up in a famous family but doesn’t know that yet. The young girl is the daughter of Jack Osbourne, the son of Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy, of course, is a famous rocker who is currently enjoying his retirement years. Jack is the host of a few different TV shows involving paranormal phenomena. Grandma Sharon Osbourne is also no stranger to the stage and TV. All-in-all, Maple is surrounded by people almost everyone recognizes. But to her, they’re just her dad and grandparents, and family values are a daily part of life.

Jack has allowed us to share in Maple’s life since she was a tiny tyke. Recently, Maple’s dad posted about her seeing her “Papa” rocking it out, and she thought it was a private performance just for her! One thing we have learned about Ozzy Osbourne and his son, Jack, is that they are about family. This is why Jack has been sharing these precious moments with Maple since she was young. We have a kazillion reasons to love Maple Osbourne!

1. Maple’s First Birthday

Kids typically don’t remember their first birthday. Parents throw parties anyway and take lots of pictures.

2. Cruising Along

Maple’s first adventures in cruising (standing and walking, holding onto stationary objects) were wobbly but impressive.

3. Playtime With Older Sister Minnie

Simple toys, simple times. These are some of the best types of family memories emphasizing family values.

4. No Mistaking The DNA In This Picture!

Kids often don’t resemble their parents until later in life. Not so with Maple. She is her daddy’s little girl!

5. Does This Couch Make Our Family Look Small?

On a trip to Las Vegas, the entire family looks like miniatures sitting on that sofa. Maple seems unimpressed with the digs.

6. The Private Lessons Paid Off!

Mom is trying hard in this adorable clip, but Maple only has words for her true love!

7. Hiking In The Mountains

Kids have it so good when they’re little. We should talk to manufacturers and develop a granny sling so someone can haul me around the mountains like this. All the sights and none of the agony!

As you can see, being an Osbourne isn’t all silver spoons and glamor. This family embodies a sense of togetherness in almost everything they do. We know that Maple and all her siblings are growing up in a loving household. Who would have thought that one of rock’s most notorious “bad boys” had such awesome family values? Ozzy and Sharon instilled them in Jack, and that tradition continues. If you enjoyed this visit to the “Life of Maple,” please share it with your friends and family.

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