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“Outstanding Service.” Brave Officer Rushes Onto Thin Ice To Rescue Stranded Pup.

screenshot from a police officer's body cam footage where a man named jon smith is throwing off his equipment as he runs on snow toward a frozen lake to save a dog

When a 10-month old Lab named Kona fell into a frozen lake, she was a whole 75 yards away from her owner, who was left with nothing to do but to call for help.

Normally a very obedient dog, Kona found herself unable to resist chasing a flock of geese that had landed in the middle of the lake. She’s a strong swimmer, but keeping herself afloat for 15+ minutes left her tired and in great need of rescue. Luckily, two police officers, including Officer Jon Smith, arrived just in time.

Without hesitation, Officer Smith took off his equipment and rushed over to Kona, all the while being careful to not fall through the ice himself. But thanks to his bravery and ability to keep calm, he was able to pick up the 75-pound pup and get them both to solid ground. The owner immediately thanked the officers before sending a follow up email letting them know that Kona is fine and that they couldn’t be more grateful!

Watch the heroic rescue below and don’t forget to share.

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