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Our Top 5 Videos Of Pets Collecting Their Much-Needed Cheese Tax

cheese tax

If you have a pet in your home, and you have ever opened a container of food containing any type of cheese, you may have experienced the cheese tax. It must be something about the smell because any time cheese is involved, your dog knows it. 

When you have a dog, and you have some item of food containing cheese, your dog must get a little bite. This is the cheese tax. 

Behold a series of people paying said tax:

1. Perfectly-Sized For Snoots

This dog knows the hole in this table is just the right size to pass the cheese tax through. It’s frankly impressive the dog allowed the tax this long to be paid in the first place with such a perfect delivery system! 

2. Cheese Tax Anthem

Sunday the golden retriever starred in a perfect video for the cheese tax anthem. This one’s a definitely must-watch, and make sure to turn the sound on! 

3. Twice The Snoots, Twice The Cheese Tax

This one features twice the pups, and thus they are owed twice the snacks. Cue the anthem! 

4. If You Don’t Pay Up, You Won’t Hear The End Of It

This creator has not one, but two basset hounds… so if they don’t pay their tax they might never sleep again! Charlie and Frio can’t be heard through the cheese tax anthem, but you can see they’re demanding their cheese! 

5. Kitties Also Get Their Tax

We couldn’t finish off this list without including some lovely kitties getting their cheese! Enjoy these assorted cats chowing down. 

We all know the cheese tax and frequently pay it ourselves! Hopefully, this assortment of adorable animals brightened your day. Next time you have some cheese, make sure to pay your tax! 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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