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Our Favorite New Thanksgiving Traditions To Try This Year!

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Thanksgiving rolls around with its promise of warmth and familial joy, an ideal time to forge new traditions that could last a lifetime. As we prepare to give thanks and gather around, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce some novel and delightful customs into our annual celebration. Let’s dive into a handful of creative families that might just become the best traditions of the season.

1. Handprints on history.

A plate turns into a family timeline, each Thanksgiving marked by a new handprint. It’s a charming way to chart growth, watching as the prints expand from tiny toddler hands to those of a growing child — a plateful of memories.

2. Gratitude beyond words.

This woman sends out her annual dose of heartfelt thanks with a ritual of reflection. These gratitude cards become mementos of thoughtfulness that family and friends anticipate each year.

3. The tale of the thankful tablecloth.

This fabric isn’t just for spills and dishes; it’s a historical document, inscribed with signatures and messages of thanks from every attendee. This tradition weaves a rich story of Thanksgiving gatherings, one that can be read and added to, year after year.


We started a new tradition this year at Dallins parents where every thanksgiving whoever is there signs the table cloth and notes something that they are thankful for 💗 #thanksgiving #thanksgivingvibes #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgivingfood #thanksgivingtradition #tradition #familytradition #yyc #yyccalgary #yyctiktok #yycnow

♬ These Memories – Hollow Coves

4. Cinematic celebration.

Thanksgiving meets the big screen as a family tradition takes over an entire movie theatre.

5. The generational journey.

It started as a simple stroll to the lake, and now it’s a grand family event. The tradition a grandfather began 60 years ago now sees a band of 30 relatives, bonding as they walk the same path.

As the leaves change and the holiday approaches, consider these traditions a source of inspiration. Which ones will you adopt? Maybe they’ll spark your own ideas for new Thanksgiving customs. Share these with your loved ones, and let the spirit of the season guide you to new memories just waiting to be made.

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