This Roller Skater Is Stealing Hearts Online With Her Mesmerizing Dance Videos.

Oumi Janta of Berlin, Germany, is happiest when she’s gliding and dancing on the pavement.

The 20-something is a roller-skating instructor — and a viral sensation! All she needs is some music and her skates to get into the groove, and her joy is so contagious that thousands can’t stop watching!

As a little girl, Oumi loved watching ice-skaters perform, but it wasn’t until several years later that she tried on a pair of skates herself.

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“Six years ago, during my studies, me and a friend went to a roller disco [in Berlin] pretty spontaneously, and I totally fell in love with roller-skating,” she told InStyle. “All those people were dancing with each other. No one cared about gender or age or looks. I felt really welcome.”

Since then, the sport has become a huge part of her life. These days, she’s a passionate member of her local skating community and even puts on her own roller discos in addition to teaching lessons. She also happens to be a huge fan of jam skating, a style that incorporates dance and gymnastics moves.

“It’s a really huge part in my life,” she said. “It calms me down when I feel stressed, or hypes me up when I feel down.”

Oumi was already gaining tons of fans on Instagram when she was catapulted into the spotlight! One of her videos caught the attention of actress Viola Davis, who shared it on her own page.

Millions watched along, mesmerized by Oumi’s vibrant energy. As for Oumi? She’s humbled by all the positive feedback!

“There is so much love, and I am so happy and humbled that I receive such beautiful messages,” she said. “I wish I could hug everyone and thank everybody. A message like, ‘You made my day or week,’ ‘You make me smile,’ ‘You a whole inspo’ … Those messages make me smile so much!”

When you spread smiles as easily as she does, it’s only a matter of time before that joy comes back around! Never stop skating, Oumi!

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