Orphaned Chimpanzee Meets New Family For The First Time And It’s “Hugs All Around.”

Orphan chimpanzee meeting new siblings at a rescue in West Africa. Hugs all around.

Chimpanzees are communal animals. They thrive in an environment with other chimps. When rescuing young Beckley, that hadn’t been his life experience. He was sad and unhealthy when he was found and confiscated by authorities in Liberia. He suffered unknown trauma as an orphan chimpanzee. It took human caregivers several months to coax the young chimp out of his shell.

Beckley began showing signs of returning to normalcy after being under the care of humans who understood him. His caregivers noted that he was finally beginning to laugh, smile, climb, and play. They made the decision that it was time to integrate him into his new family in the Little Bassa Forest.

Orphan chimpanzee Beckley meets new siblings with hugs.
Image from Instagram.

The caregivers provide a safe and natural environment for orphaned chimps like Beckley. Together, the rescued chimpanzees have become a family. The first time Beckley met his new siblings, there was no shortage of hugs. All his new brothers and sisters welcomed the little orphan chimpanzee with open arms.

Orphan chimpanzee Beckley being welcomed by his new brothers and sisters.
Image from Instagram.

From the moment of Beckley’s release, the entire troop of orphan chimpanzees flocked through the forest to meet him. Many offered hugs to welcome the newest member of their family. Beckley will be able to remain in this sanctuary for the rest of his life.

Orphan Chimpanzees Have Varied Backgrounds

The orphan chimpanzees that now comprise Beckley’s new family come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are victims of illegal pet trades and bushmeat operations. They reside at Liberia Chimp Rescue Protection‘s (LCRP) sanctuary in West Africa because they have no mothers. They require and receive care from surrogate human moms through the sanctuary. When ready, they are released to live in the colony with other rescued chimpanzees. Some of Beckley’s new siblings were so happy to meet they rolled on the ground in joy!

A rolling hug from a happy sibling!
Image from Instagram.

The dedicated staff ensures that each orphan chimpanzee becomes acclimated to the sanctuary environment so they may live as naturally as possible. The staff would like to remind visitors to the Instagram page that chimpanzees are not pets. These young victims do not reside with humans. The use of human surrogates is a necessary part of acclimating the orphan chimpanzees for a return to a more natural habitat. You can sense how happy Beckley and the rest of the orphan chimpanzees are in the video of the first meeting.

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