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Icelandic Town Paints Optical Illusion Zebra Crossing To Stop Speeding Cars.

The threat of a ticket and fine isn’t always enough to deter drivers from speeding. One popular method of getting people to slow down includes self-monitoring machines that tell the approaching drives how fast they’re going, but Ãsafjörður, a town in Iceland, took a more creative approach.

Imagine driving (a little fast) through town, and you see this ahead:


Or perhaps a little boy standing on what appears to be elevated blocks.

Seeing something so unusual might encourage you to slow down — and that’s the entire plan. Environmental Commissioner Ralf Tryll reportedly stumbled across the idea of slowing traffic by using optical illusions. In fact, the idea was originally implemented in India.

Since then, the artwork has been used in countries around the world as an effective way to get drivers to take a second look and slow down. As for the Icelandic location, Commissioner Tryll shared that it took a couple of weeks to get the necessary permits for the one crosswalk. It remains to be seen if the town will create a series of 3D crosswalks.

Check out more of this unique project in the video below. If you are a fan of optical illusions and creative solutions, please share this story.

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