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Operation Rescue Sammie! Toddler Reunites With Favorite Toy Thanks To Strangers.

Everett robinson and Sammie the sloth

Every parent has been in Theresa Robinson’s shoes at one point or another.

Theresa and her family drove three hours from home to visit Bay Beach Amusement Park and Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After spending a fun day together, they headed home, only to discover they’d left a very important “family member” behind.

Oh no, not Sammie the sloth!

According to Theresa, Sammie was her son Everett’s first Christmas present ever. The toddler takes it everywhere he goes and sleeps with Sammie every night. Even though they have a “backup” stuffed toy, Everett knows an imposter when he sees one.

In desperation, she turned to Facebook and asked people to keep an eye out for the toy if they happen to be in that area.

“If anyone visiting Bay Beach Amusement Park or Lambeau Field on Thursday, July 28th found this sloth lovie anywhere, please contact me!” she wrote. “We’re not sure where it was last seen […] Long shot, but worth a try!”

More than 3,000 people shared Theresa’s post. Not long after she asked for help, the photo of Sammie appeared on Kira Panzer’s Facebook feed. Kira recognized the sloth toy because she’d seen it sitting on a fence post at the amusement park that day. She told Theresa she’d go back and try to find it – and she did!

Once Sammie was safely in Kira’s hands, Theresa told her she’d drive the three hours to come get it, but Kira told her not to worry. She was heading in that direction anyway and agreed to personally deliver Sammie safely home.

“Sammie has been picked up and has started his journey home!!” the excited mom wrote on August 4th. “THANK YOU, Kira!”

Theresa and Everett went to meet Kira, and Theresa was able to capture their sweet reunion on video. Just look at how excited Everett is to see his buddy Sammie.

Our hearts are so full!

Isn’t this story a nice reminder of how wonderful people can be to one another when they make the effort? A lost toy turned into a mission of love for all of these strangers. Not only that, but another kind stranger sent Everett some more backup sloth toys so he’ll never be without.

Watch Everett giving his new toy a big kiss in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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