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Once Upon Infinity: Artist Presents An Image Within An Image Within… An Image?

a two-photo collage. the first is of a black and white photo by lucas vaskange of an artist wearing headphones as he draws. the second is of that same drawing but zoomed in. the artist is now standing on a mountain next to an apple friend as they both enjoy the ocean view before them.

When you think you’ve seen it all, look a bit closer…

Lucas Vaskange is an incredible artist with lots of work available to admire online. There’s one piece in particular, however, that has recently captivated millions. At first glance, it appears to be a typical image, but thanks to vector technology, this work of art contains multitudes of images – they pretty much never end!

In a video on Twitter, Lucas shares a cozy, black and white image of an artist at his desk. He zooms in on the only thing with color: A single polaroid photo featuring the artist, and an adorable apple friend, as they pack for vacation.

From there, we dive deeper into their vacation journey, starting with a train ride. Next up, we get glimpses of scenic views both during the day and at sunset. We even get a peak into the deep blue ocean with buried treasure!

“I drew a new story in a photo of my office to tell you about my vacation,” the Parisian artist wrote. “The excitement of leaving when you pack your suitcase, then the trip, the travel … But for me the holidays are also the sun of the islands and the small pretty villages where you have the impression that time has stopped – moments like this where you can completely take the pressure off, sit on a rock to meditate in the evening, then do a little painting to reconnect with nature.”

Capturing a feeling like that isn’t easy, but Lucas certainly managed to pull it off!

Watch Lucas’ digital vacation journey through layers of art in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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