Room Snickers At Goofy Couple Trying To Dance — Seconds Later They Burst Into Applause!

You’re never too old to party! That’s Pete and Beulah Mae’s philosophy.

A video of Pete and Beulah has gone viral- garnering over 9 million views on YouTube- and it definitely proves that age is just a number and youth is a state of mind.

Pete, age 70, and his wife Beulah, age 50, have enjoyed dancing together for many years. So when the senior citizen community where they both resided decided to hold a dance competition, they knew they had to enter!

In order to make the performance all the more spectacular, Pete and Beulah decided to age themselves a bit. With Pete’s hair dyed white and Beulah sporting age makeup, the judges’ jaws were sure to drop.


Their little trick paid off; everyone in the community was cheering during their hilarious (and quite impressive) act. And the internet is still cheering over the video!




Check out their performance below, and share!

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