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Bros Hear NYC Street Violinist & Stop Short, Then Launch Jaw-Dropping Impromptu Dance.

In New York City, you just never know what’s going to happen next.

Instagrammer Juneelite is a dancer who was visiting New York City for the first time. As he moved through the city, June shared pictures of himself dancing all over the place; in the subway, on the street, you name it! He was having a great time with his buddies, but things were about to get even more interesting.


As June and his friends walked past the sparkling lights of Times Square, they came upon a violinist playing on a street corner. The dancers stop short, and seconds later they give a spontaneous dance performance that’s second to none.


The violinist is Wuilly Arteaga, 24, a Venezuelan immigrant who taught himself how to play violin by watching YouTube videos. The young musician got so good playing by himself that he was eventually granted admission to Venezuela’s premier music schools, El Sistema.


In 2017, Wuilly famously played his violin as a political protest in the middle of Venezuela’s protests. He was consequently jailed for his role before being granted asylum by the United States. Now, Wuilly busks on the streets to make ends meet, but his talent is obvious even to the most tuned-out passerby.

Which brings us back to June and his friends on that New York City sidewalk.


As Wuilly plays his heart out on the street, June and his friends bust out some of their best dance moves. The performance they give is so impressive, it’s hard to believe it was so off-the-cuff!


June later posted the video to his Instagram page along with the caption, “When New Yorkers hear a violin.” Wuilly also shared another vantage point of the video, and each is more impressive than the last!

All three of these men must be professional dancers, because the way they just jump in and start busting a move is both hilarious and just plain cool!

Take a look at the funny video that’s going viral for being “so New York” below, and don’t forget to share!

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