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15 “Really Bad Portraits” That Are So Awful They’re Hilarious

If you’ve got a healthy self-esteem and don’t mind laughing at yourself, this street artist has you covered!

Back in 2020, New York City resident Ricky Brown went to Washington Square Park with a sign advertising “Really Bad Portraits $3 (per person).” He wasn’t kidding. Dozens of people lined up that day to have Ricky draw their picture, and as promised, each hastily-drawn portrait was absolutely awful.

1. The people who bought Ricky’s portraits thought they were hilarious. He started sharing pictures of them holding up their portraits on Instagram.

2. He uses a basic Sharpie and a clipboard to make his portraits.

3. Unlike caricatures, these drawings aren’t meant to be “good.”

4. These just plain goofy sketches are sometimes eerily accurate.

5. There are lots of different kinds of people walking around the city.

6. Ricky draws them all… badly.

7. And we do mean all of them.

8. Most people are cracking up over the end result, but this unimpressed dog has seen better.

9. It’s just a fun, cheap thing to do for a laugh while you’re enjoying a day in NYC.

10. Ricky had such success in Washington Square that he now draws every Sunday at Grand Bazaar NYC, the city’s largest curated market.

11. Now even more people can bring home a really bad portrait of themselves.

12. Ricky’s reputation is gaining traction, both online and in person.

13. You really have to be humble when you request one of his works.

14. And be prepared to laugh at your own flaws.

15. If you ask us, $3 per person is a bargain!

Suitable for framing, right? We’re taking notes for our next trip to the Big Apple!

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