Nubz The Chicken Has More Pairs Of Tiny Shoes Than Most People!

Nubz the chicken modeling some of his many pairs of chicken shoes.

Imelda Marcos was the queen of shoes, but Nubz, the chicken, might be running a close second place! Since you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “Chickens don’t wear shoes…” we should probably explain about Nubz. Meesh Davignon is Nubz’s owner. Due to some health issues, Nubz lost his toes. Meesh noticed Nubz had difficulty walking on his “nubs” on hard surfaces. She started putting dog boots on him to make it easier for the chicken to get around. Thus, Nubz now has chicken shoes!

Nubz is an internet star. Meesh has chronicled his life and his rehabilitation on Instagram. When fans saw the little shoes, they asked if they could send extra pairs. Not expecting much, Meesh said sure. Now Nubz has more than 60 pairs of new shoes, and they keep coming!

Nubz has a great life, even with his physical limitations. His adopted family includes cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and 11 chicken siblings. Nubz seems very comfortable lounging here with one of his besties.

Nubz the chicken lounging with his bestie.
Image from Instagram.

Part of Nubz’s rehabilitation included lots of physical therapy. When he first got his chicken shoes, learning to walk on rough terrain was a challenge. PT helped with that.

Watching how Nubz has adapted to wearing shoes and boots is impressive. While most people would have given up, Meesh dedicated the time to ensure Nubz had a good life! Nubz loves to go for walks. He even has a modified backpack for rides to the store and the dog park.

Nubz For President!

If you enjoyed reading about Nubz, share this with your friends. From what we understand, Nubz will be running for President in 2024. We’re sure the White House will have adequate closet space for his extensive collection of chicken shoes!

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