No, You’re Not Seeing Double! This is Pancho and Lefty, Texas’ Ssspectacular 2-Headed Snake.

Two-headed snake curled up.

A rare 2-headed snake has slithered back into the limelight — and you won’t believe the fascinating twists and turns of its incredible journey.

Pancho and Lefty, a western rat snake with a condition known as bicephaly, is back on exhibit at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas. After a 2-year hiatus to heal from an injury, the snake is ready to mesmerize zoogoers again. It’s now housed in a specially designed enclosure with just enough grass to provide comfort and safety. Here, there are no rocks or branches will catch on!

Two-headed snake.

The 2-headed snake was a mere baby when a local woman discovered it in her backyard in 2016. Since then, the slithering marvel has entranced the zookeepers. Pancho and Lefty underwent an 18-month quarantine before initially being displayed in 2018. Unfortunately, an accident in 2021 forced a hiatus — but now, fully recovered, the 2-headed spectacle is back.

“The right brain is much more dominant and tends to control where they go,” Maddie Michels-Boyce, senior zookeeper for reptiles and amphibians, told the Dallas Morning News. “The left brain is seemingly just along for the ride.”

Two-headed snakes as a baby.

Although multiple heads don’t make for easy snake duties, the zoo community is glad to see Pancho and Lefty return. While its chances of making it in the wild are slim, the zoo is making sure this unique creature thrives.

Evidently, curiosity and wonder never cease when it comes to the mysteries of nature. So, if you’re ever in Texas, make sure to drop by the freshwater aquarium building at Cameron Park Zoo. By all means, you might just witness a sight that challenges everything you know about the world’s scaly inhabitants.

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