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E.R. Nurse Stops Short When Patient Rejects Pain Meds, But His Honest Confession Blows Her Away.

Opioids are an epidemic. Of all the drugs out on the streets, opioids are among the easiest to acquire and the most potent. A huge number of abusers started with or currently use prescription medications given to them by a doctor.

That was Vsaco Tchakarov’s story. There was a time in Tchakarov’s life when he considered doctors and hospital staff his ‘most reliable’ drug dealers, but those days are now behind him.

He recently took to Facebook to share a personal victory that we all need to hear. Check out his words below.

Last evening I walked into an emergency room alone experiencing chest pains.

Laying in a hospital bed experiencing some discomfort, my intake nurse asked me if I’m allergic to anything? With a few days over having 2 years free from all substances, I looked her dead in the eyes and said “I am allergic to all opioids, benzodiazepines, and any other narcotic known to man.”

I explained to her I am recovering from substance abuse disorder and she smiled and congratulated me and gave me this wristband.


Part of my story is that the doctors & hospitals were some of my most reliable drug dealers. Today there’s no room for mistakes recovery and health are the only motives.

Moral of this post is simple; integrity & possibilities. If I can you can!”

If I can you can!

In the moment, Tchakarov could have easily returned to his old ways. Instead, he chose to have integrity, even if refusing medication made him uncomfortable.

Sometimes, the right decision is in no way the easy one, but it is certainly the best. Drug addiction, like many other vices, start small. But everyday good choices like the one this man made truly change your life.

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