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No Eyes, No Problem! Kida The Dog Doesn’t Need To See To Know She’s Park Bound.

great pyrenees named kida sticking her out of of a car window

Allison Miller loves all animals. She works with rescue shelters to help local strays in Houston. But her fluffy white Great Pyrenees, Kida, holds a special place in her heart.

Adopted at just 5 months old, Kida was given up by her previous owners because she would chase and eat their chickens rather than guard them like they intended.

“This is actually a very common reason that Great Pyrenees are rehomed or abandoned,” Allison said. “They are often expected to already immediately know how to guard when in reality it often takes a lot of training to get them to that point!”

Although Kida is no longer able to hunt chicken for sport, she’s found other ways to continue being super active. Her favorite way being visits to the park. But life momentarily slowed down for this fluffy pup when she got a rare autoimmune disease. Soon after she had to have surgery to get her eyes removed.

Thankfully, though, it didn’t take long for Kida to be back to herself again! In fact, recovery after her surgery went way smoother than Allison could have hoped.

“She was actually in so much pain prior to her surgery that she felt immediately better after surgery,” Allison said. “My sister’s cats definitely picked up that something was different, and they were all very well behaved around her while she recovered.”

To help keep Kida safe at the park, they have her just outside the dog park to protect her from other dogs’ reactions – but that doesn’t mean she’s all alone! She’s made four best friends who are happy to join her where she is for playdates!

“We actually have a collar with bells on it that we put on her friends when they come to play,” Allison said. “They don’t mind at all and it helps Kida hear where they are better. They are amazing dogs and are all so good with her!”

It’s no wonder, then, that Kida gets so unbelievably excited at the mere mention of the words “dog” or “park.” Best of all, when driving to the park, there’s a point they reach where Kida can tell exactly where they’re headed despite not having eyes.

Allison captured one of these moments on video and, since it was just too cute to not share, she did just that on TikTok. Before she knew it, her video had over 1 million likes and 7 million views! Since then, she’s continued to share videos on the platform, along with content for Instagram, so that Kida’s fans can keep up with this precious dogs life.


We used to take her to the dog park all the time before she went blind 🥺 #greatpyrenees #dog #puppy #foryoupage

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“I still think it’s so crazy that so many people saw the video!” Allison said. “I really love being able to help people realize that animals with ‘disabilities’ can still live amazing lives. It’s also been great to have people reach out who also have blind dogs/are going through the process of enucleation and have questions that I can try to answer.”

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