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No Bones About It — The 4 Funniest Pet Videos We Found This Week! (Sept 1-8, 2023)

funny pet videos

I know the saying is “kids do the darndest things,” but I think pets really take the cake when it comes to hilarious antics. The best part is that pets don’t know they’re being funny! Few things can brighten up my day like a good laugh, so buckle in and enjoy some chuckles, because I’d like to present you with the funniest pet videos I found this week!  

1. The Ultimate Intruder Mystery!

Doorbell cameras have revolutionized the world of accidentally captured footage in the best way. In this instance, we see an impatient pup jumping at the door to be let back inside. All of a sudden, the doorbell mysteriously rings, signaling a potential intruder! Whoever could have rung the doorbell?! Certainly not the dog jumping against it! 

You have to catch the head tilt when this pup hears the doorbell ring. His reaction is absolutely priceless. 


He takes his job very seriously 🤣🤣🤣 #Pubity (Mariana Shablom via @ViralHog)

♬ original sound – Pubity

2. An Early Morning Cat-astrophy.

We all know cats decide to randomly dash around the house in the dead of night. That’s just cats, no one expects differently from them. However, these felines took the midnight marathon up about twelve notches. When one of the cats got stuck in a bag, all of the cats went into a massive panicked parade through the house and across their owner’s faces. 

3. Sliding Right Into Chaos.

Pool days, the pinnacle of relaxation and zen… until you add in a pair of rambunctious pups! In this funny pet video we see a pair of dogs enjoying some time taking the slide into the pool. The shot starts with Ruby the corgi making her way down the slide, but instead of jumping into the pool as usual, she stops at the top of the slide. The owner, not knowing that Ruby hadn’t jumped in, lets Maui the golden retriever take her turn down the slide… 

Go ahead and enjoy the resulting chaos, and feel free to laugh away knowing both dogs came out of the situation unscathed! 

4. A Planned Pup Attack!

The security cameras at doggie day cares always result in some adorable antics, but this one comes at the expense of one of the caretakers. Don’t worry, she’s completely fine! The worker, Ashley, shared the video to her TikTok page with the caption, “It took me a year, but I finally fell at work. The dogs are so concerned.”

My favorite part about this one is how every dog in the vicinity rushed over to make sure she was okay — how absolutely precious! 


It took me a year, but I finally fell at work. The dogs are so concerned 😂😂😂 #fyp #trending #tiktok #funny #dogsoftiktok #doggydaycare #dogsvideo #ilovemyjob #doglover #doggo #humor #failarmy

♬ original sound – Ashley

Pets really can brighten our day, whether it’s the antics of your own pets or ones shared on social media! Hopefully these funny pet videos helped bring a smile to your face. 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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