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Cab Driver Raves About NFL Star John Elway, But His Jaw Drops When He Sees Passenger’s Face.

At first glance, NFL players appear to be manly men who only live to play football and win games. You wouldn’t think of them as particularly emotional or goofy. But we’ve seen heartwarming stories come out of the NFL, like the time the Buccaneers surrounded their mourning teammate after his father’s death. We’ve also seen inspiring stories come out of the NFL, like the time a patriotic athlete wore special cleats in honor of 9/11. Now, we’re seeing the fun side of NFL superstar John Elway.

John Elway was formerly the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He had a 16-year professional career and, at the time of his retirement in 1999, Elway recorded the most victories of any quarterback. Now, Elway is the executive vice president of football operations and general manager of the Denver Broncos.

Considering all of Elway’s success as an athlete, it’s no wonder that a cab driver named Sam Snow recently named Elway as his top pick for best quarterback… little did Sam know, Elway was sitting in his back seat!

It started when Elway and some of his friends took a cab in Washington. One of Elway’s fellow passengers asked the cab driver, Sam, who his favorite quarterback was. Of course, they’re all giggling as Sam raves about Elway… who is sitting in the back seat of Sam’s cab!

When Sam finally turns around and sees him… it’s a great moment! It’s so fun to see a superstar like Elway connect with a fan.

Check out the moment below and share!


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