7 New Years Resolutions You Will Be Able to Keep

Last year we gave you tips on how to make your resolutions actually happen. However, keeping promises to yourself is probably the most difficult. Maybe it’s because it’s difficult to form new habits? Maybe because we set our expectations to high for what we can meet?

But have no fear! Here are resolutions that you will have an easier time keeping because they’re simple, can involve friends, and are ones you can start now, all while gaining an attainable award!

1. Eat somewhere new once a week.

Here, money is not a factor. You can go big and fancy once a week. Or you can try the new fast-food-chain that opened up down the road. Point is, new year, new experiences!

Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite spot, or meet the love of your life!


2. Try to trace your family history.

Whether it’s you spending $199.99 on Ancestry.com or going through old family photos and hitting up the public library, this is a rabbit hole that could be fun to go down without being too much of a burdensome commitment.

3. Read more books.

They’re movies for your mind! Also, you won’t have to worry about buffering, someone else using your Netflix login at the same time as you, or even long lines and noisy people in a theater with a good book. Libraries are extremely accessible. Friends always have great books to lend. And there’s no battery life on a book.

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4. Be that friend that pet-sits for your other friends.

A few of reasons why:

  1. They’ll likely pay you.
  2. They’ll owe you favors that you to cash in sometime in the future.


5. Improve your health:

The easiest way to start: take the stairs instead of elevators. Simple enough, right?

6. Treat Yo’ Self (Better)

Take a note from Tom Haverford & Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation. Treat yourself. Whether it’s once a week, once a month, once a quarter or even once a year, let yourself feel loved and pampered and taken care of.

Shut off the phone. Open a new credit card account. Buy that one thing that you always tell yourself “no” to getting.

(Within reason, right? Don’t go out and buy a new Ferrari or house if you can’t afford it.)


7. Start a new tradition.

Why not?! Maybe keeping this resolution is the start of the new tradition. Then, BAM! You just killed two birds with one stone!

All of this to say, try something new consistently in 2017 that is actually PRACTICAL for your life. Most resolutions fail because they weren’t as attainable as we might have thought. You can attain more and grow if you’re able to know your limits and slowly push them. And also, if you have a little fun while doing it!

Share these fun ideas and comment with your own resolutions today!

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