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Festival In Nepal Honors Dogs, Thanks Them For Being Our Friends With Beautiful Celebration.

Our four-legged friends are some of the most loyal buddies to be had. They accept you on good days and the bad and love unconditionally in return for a few scratches and a full belly. But, as much as we adore our dogs, we don’t ever take the time to celebrate them. But there is one place that really, really does… Nepal.

In Nepal there is a festival called Kukur Tihar that celebrates dogs for an entire day. During the celebration, locals will drape flowers around the necks of pets and strays alike and mark their faces with ceremonial powdered dye. It’s all about celebrating the relationship humans have with our canine comrades. Check out these images from the Kukur Tihar festival below and throw your pup a bone today!

dog fest 1
The Mind Unleashed 
The Mind Unleashed 
dog fest 2
The Mind Unleashed 
dog fest 3
The Mind Unleashed 
The Mind Unleashed 
The Mind Unleashed 

Nepal Hindu Festival

While another version of this festival, the Khicha Puja, actually worships the dogs, the modern Kukur Tihar is all about honoring and appreciating these pups through petting, fun activities, garlands, and (most importantly) delicious snacks.

Share these sweet photos today… and go give your pup a nice rub on the tummy next time you can!

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