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10 Times The National Park Service’s Posts Had Us Cackling Out Loud

Sea Otters enjoying life in our national parks.

When it comes to having a viable social media presence, the National Park Service is certainly winning. The social media manager running their X (formerly Twitter) page constantly offers tips and advice on enjoying the great outdoors. Their tips range from getting along with the local wildlife to hiking safety. Some tips are solely for comedic effect, so you might have to take them with a grain of salt (or the whole shaker).

The genius behind the National Park Service’s social media accounts is Matthew Turner. He has been managing the accounts since 2018 and keeps us rolling with quips, funny views, and unexpected observations. At the same time, he includes facts and information about the parks, wildlife, and staying safe during visits. With a degree in History and Anthropology, it seems that Matthew has found his niche, and we hope he stays around for a long while.

1. Be Sure To Avoid The Extended Warranty Dilemma!

This polite tweet informs drivers of the potential hazards of driving in national parks.

2. Bears Live In The Parks, So Use Caution Before Entering Outdoor Spaces!

When unsuspecting tourists improperly use the emergency exit, they might get a beary big surprise!

3. Even Bears Need A Fitness Routine.

We’re not totally sure this can be considered a fitness routine. We can be sure that this bear is definitely on a “SEE FOOD” diet. He sees food, and he eats it!

4. Hey! I’m Trying To Take A Bath Here!

This cute little sea otter may not care that it’s Friday, but he does seem slightly bothered about being filmed while bathing!

5. Yep, He Fits, So He’s Sitting!

This bobcat displays the climbing and relaxing ability inherent in most cats. In a comment under this tweet, the National Park Service points out this fun fact, “Not all bobcats are named Bob. Some prefer Robert.”

6. Music Makes The World Go Around…

But it is not speeding up this fellow! If you scroll down the feed under many tweets, you can find interesting facts and information about wildlife.

7. This Prairie Dog Looks Like He’s Had A Rough Day.

And it’s only Monday! Poor little fellow.

8. Is This A Ninja Bear, Or Is He Practicing To Be A Frog?

We’re not sure if this bear is watching salmon swim by, or meditating to hone his hunting prowess. Whatever he was doing, according to the National Park Service comments, he held this odd pose for more than three hours! Perhaps he is considering an audition for the next Spiderman movie?

9. This Wild Horse Has A Mane That Would Make 1980s Farrah Fawcett Jealous!

The beauty of nature is something everyone can appreciate. But how many hours does she spend in front of a mirror to get those glorious locks?

10. Everyone Needs A Tall Friend!

If you’ve ever taken a morning hike, you know! But this gentle reminder spins the web of knowledge for potential visitors to the national parks. Don’t be the fly that gets caught!

If the national parks are on your bucket list, follow their social media accounts on Instagram, X, and Facebook. In addition to seeing great information about the parks, there is no shortage of humorous anecdotes, silly pictures, and videos!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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