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9-Yr-Old Sees Homeless On Youtube And Drains Savings Account To Help Them

Like a lot of kids, Nathan Simons loves to watch videos on YouTube as a means of entertainment. Understandably, his dad was worried about the content his son would come across on the platform, but he was blown away when Nathan came to him to discuss homelessness after one of the videos. 

While watching YouTube, Nathan came across a video where some of his favorite stars were asking viewers to donate to a charity to help the homeless. That’s when the nine year old learned the realities of homelessness in America, and instead of donating to the YouTuber’s cause, he wanted to donate to a local shelter – and he wanted to drain his savings account to do it. 

Nathan’s dad, Ethan, told a local news outlet, “There was part of me that almost wanted me to talk him out of it, but what kind of lesson am I teaching him if I tell him, ‘No you shouldn’t be selfless’?”Instead, Ethan not only took his son to the bank, but he also offered to match every dollar his son donated. 

After deciding he wanted to donate to the organization Christian Care, Nathan called them up to get a list of supplies they needed. Then, he and his dad headed out with $300 in hand to buy as much as they could. 

While shopping, Ethan helped his son keep track of how much they were spending, and Nathan said he wanted to find the best prices to get the most out of his money. He was able to get everything on the list, shoes, gloves, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce, as well as a few extras just to make them smile. 

When asked how he felt about his gesture, Nathan said “It feels good. I wish I could have [the money] for myself, but I have to think about other people sometimes.†

After dropping everything off at the shelter, Ethan told Nathan, “Not many people can say they emptied their savings account and went shopping for a homeless shelter. You did a good thing today my son.â€

Watch Nathan’s shopping adventure and generous delivery in the video below. Be sure to share this sweet story with your friends, too.

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