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Mechanic Steps In To Help Little Girl With One Hand Fulfill Dream Of Playing Violin.

When Nate Kellogg’s kids came home from school one day, he was excited to hear their stories. But, when they told him about a little girl who needed help he listened a little closer and decided he wanted to step up.

Nate’s kids, Carter, Clara, and Emily were talking about fourth-grader Valerie Romero who needed help holding her violin. Valerie was born without the use of both hands, so, when playing the violin, she could practice fingering the notes, but not at the same time as holding the bow.


Upon hearing the story, Nate got to thinking. He currently works at an electric power plant and previously spent time serving in the military. Between the two jobs, he had the experience and knowledge to create something to help Valerie out.


Nate used a variety of materials to craft a custom-made prosthetic for Valerie. It attaches perfectly to her arm and is designed to hold her bow at the right angle for her to actually play the notes, not just pick them.

White Mountain Independent

Since being gifted the prosthetic, Valerie has excelled at the violin and has blown people away with her immense talent. She was able to play with the school orchestra during their holiday concert before winter break, and one student said she was “as good as a seventh-grader” – which is pretty high honors when it comes to kid speak.

Valerie is now able to showcase her talent and enjoy every moment of it. If it weren’t for Nate’s kind heart (and innovation), the world may not have ever heard the beautiful music Valerie can make.

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