Nailed It! 15 Times This Father-Daughter Duo Perfectly Recreated Iconic Movie Shots

set of collages with two photos each. in the first is a screenshot from the film “titanic” where elderly rose is holding the heart of the ocean necklace over the railing of a ship. below this is a photo of 5-year-old matilda zane recreating this “titanic” scene. in the second collage is a screenshot from the movie “elf” where buddy is sitting at a dining table and is stuffing his face with spaghetti. below this is a photo of 5-year-old matilda recreating this “elf” scene.

Bored in quarantine with nothing much to do, Alex Zane found a fun way for his entire family to bond: By recreating iconic movie scenes!

Alex takes the role of photographer while his wife handles the costumes, hair, and makeup. But the most important role goes to their daughter, Matilda, who always takes the starring role. Sometimes she’ll share the screen with some of her friends but, in the end, she always manages to steal the spotlight. See for yourself with some of our favorite recreations down below!

1. When the Zane family started making their own versions of iconic movie scenes, they had no intention of it getting this much attention.

2. Though, in hindsight, it’s hard to imagine incredible photos like this one not gaining a huge fan base.

3. Still, when Alex started to share the photos on Instagram, he only did it so his family and friends could enjoy them.

4. Because, come on, recreations like this one of “A Quiet Place” are too hilarious not to share.

5. But Alex quickly learned that his loved ones weren’t the only people interested in these magnificent photos.

6. Soon after they started sharing them, their account garnered thousands of followers from around the world.

7. Now, over 60,000 people are following @tot_for_tot_remakes to make sure they don’t miss out on any of their masterpieces.

8. Since gaining so many followers, the Zane family has been featured in the news and on TV!

9. To help make their recreations as perfect as possible, Alex recruited the help of his friend – a professional photographer who, according to one of their Instagram stories, uses “his magic to add every detail from the original film.”

10. They’ve also recruited the help of Bewd, a giant stuffed fox who Alex says has always dreamed of being an actor. The only problem is he’s always had a problem speaking in front of others.

11. Luckily for Bewd, Matilda was able to offer him the perfect roles: Side characters in her recreations – no speaking required!

12. But no matter who gets involved or how many people follow their account, what matters most is enjoying their time together as a family.

13. That being said, they’re also very grateful that their family project has been able to bring so many people so much joy during difficult times.

14. “You see, this had all been happening during a quarantine. People couldn’t go out much or see their friends and family. It was hard for everyone because life was so different,” Alex wrote. “But Matilda and Bewd’s photos where helping thousands of people take a moment to smile and laugh.”

15. He added, “It was extra nice that these happy little breaks had been made possible through friendship. Old friends, new friends, near and far. It was just what the world needed.”

What started out as a fun quarantine project for the family quickly turned into so much more, and we’re so glad it did! A lot has changed since their first recreation, but they don’t plan on stopping production anytime soon. There’s lots of iconic films to recreate, and Matilda is ready to take them on like the star she is!

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