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Walmart Shoppers Stop In Their Tracks When They Hear Violinist’s Parking Lot Solo.

He’s been spotted in shopping centers in and around central Florida, yet his identity remains shrouded in mystery.

One incredibly talented musician has brought joy to millions who have watched his mini-concertos during the  last nine months. You could be lucky enough to catch a live performance in quite a unique location: a Walmart parking lot.

Eddie Ramirez of Bartow uploaded a video on Facebook soon after spotting the unknown man outside a Walmart over the summer and revealed he was in finacial need.


The man was standing just off a grass median, playing a haunting melody on his violin with an open violin case sitting at his feet. And just behind him, these words carefully printed a cardboard sign:

Please help me. I have 2 kids, I don’t have money for rent and bill(s). God bless you and Happy New Year!!!

Months have passed since that video went public, and he still hasn’t been identified yet.

So many people have reported seeing him during a random outing, and just sitting back for a while to take in the show:


Now fast forward to early February, when another Walmart shopper posted a similar video, this one taken outside a Walmart in Brooksville.


“Pachelbel’s Canonâ€? Who’d be playing a piece written by a 17th-century composer in a Walmart parking lotat night?

I went to Walmart for some groceries and noticed a man playing the violin in front of the parking lot. I immediately got excited because I love the violin, and we parked. I jumped out with some money to give him and my phone to video him.


While standing there three or four other people came over with phones to videotape, and several people just stood there and listen to him. It was nice to see people slow down for a minute and enjoy something so beautiful.

Whoever he is, this man is bringing happiness to the masses and especially brightening the days (and nights) of anyone who’s had the pleasure of listening to him in person.

Check out his version of “Pachelbel’s Canon”in the clip below, and be sure to share to spread more joy (and hopefully identify him so we can find out more about him — he must have an incredible story!).

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