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Little Girl Says She’s “Like Serena Williams,” Then Has Steve Harvey Rolling With Her Secret To Fame.

Mykal-Michelle is an absolutely adorable little girl with a bright future ahead of her, shining with the kind of self-confidence that lets you know she’s going to go far in life. With a sassy wit far beyond her years and long, naturally curly tresses, she could melt even the coldest of hearts into a puddle.

She first gained acclaim in the fall of 2015, when her parents uploaded a video of her comparing her moves on the tennis court to her hero, legendary tennis player Serena Williams.


“I was like Serena Williams,”she says repeatedly during the 50-second clip.

“Who told you you were like Serena Williams?” her mother asks.


It’s no wonder the adorable clip gained so much attention!

Serena Williams was so tickled by the video, she sent her little fan tickets to the U.S. Open.


Mykal-Michelle has gone on to work on print campaigns with such companies as Toys R Us and Burlington Coat Factory, and has had some acting roles in films.

“I have now been exposed to and given head nods by some of the biggest names in the business,” she says on her web site. “I am working hard to try to secure a spot and start building (longevity) in this very competitive industry.”


She helped further that goal with a recent appearance on “Little Big Shots,” in which host Steve Harvey asked for her advice about how to gain fame.

“So first you got to have a viral video,” she said, sagely ticking off fingers. “And then you have to like a sport, and that’s how you become famous.”

“So what I really need to do is stop all this TV show stuff and just make a viral video,” he says.

Sounds about right, Steve!


View the adorable “Little Big Shots” clip below, and share!

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