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Blissful 5-Wk-Old French Bulldog Loves Bathtime, Owner Captures Cutest Smile Ever In Adorable Video.

A French Bulldog puppy named Izzy is only seven weeks old, but she already has a legion of fans from around the world thanks to an adorable video her owner posted a couple weeks ago.

The video– a clip of Izzy’s bathtime routine– has since been viewed thousands of time times. It’s so relaxing to watch, it’s no wonder people love it!

Posted on April 30, the roughly 20-second video shows little Izzy cupped belly up in her owner’s hands over a kitchen sink at their home in Arlington, Virgina. The little bitty bulldog’s languid smile is accentuated, and made all the more adorable, with a little sliver of pink tongue that sticks out in stark contrast to her deep gray coat.


The grin, accompanied by blissfully vacant eyes, remains on her face throughout the clip as she’s gently moved up and down and side to side. Either this is one laid-back puppy, or there was some Enya playing in the background during this little day spa treatment!

With a deft flip of the wrist, young Izzy is flipped back-side up for the conclusion of this too-cute clip.


“im crying its so sweet,” wrote laylamrahmati@ally_clay_streib after viewing the clip.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so adorable I have just gotten out of hospital for a surgery and I saw this and it made my day brighter,” agreed another.

At five weeks old, Izzy probably weighed in at around 5 lbs., but she’ll likely triple in weight by the time she’s full grown. So she better enjoy this kind of pampering while she can! Based on that grin, I’d say she’s one spoiled pup.

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