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18 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Baby Products for Green Parents


Saving the planet and raising tiny humans, you are an eco-warrior.

1. Soft organic bamboo washcloths for gently cleansing and exfoliating your baby’s skin to get that ‘newborn baby feeling’


Kind to your baby’s skin thanks to the super soft viscose material and high quality enough to last into toddler years.

While these washcloths may be more spendy than others, they are worth the investment, you can even use them on yourself they are ‘that’ good.

“I bought these for a baby shower gift. I originally received them over 3 years ago. We still use them. They last into toddler years.” – Vanessa

2. A natural glass baby bottle with an easy-use response nipple, BPA-free and hygienic for safe feeding 


Easy to use design with a realistic nipple-shaped feeder and non-toxic glass material. 

Simple to clean compared to bottles made with plastic materials, saving you time and lasting you longer, not to mention, more eco-friendly.

“Great bottles, it keeps your baby from getting gas & easy with cleaning & drinking” – Kim

3. This newborn baby detergent which is hypoallergenic, gets rid of the toughest food and sick stains while being gentle on the skin


Three must-haves are contained in this detergent; it is kind on the skin, smells incredible, and has excellent stain removal, meaning you have to buy fewer baby clothes in the long run.

A little is said to go a long way with this detergent, so you get your money’s worth! 

“The detergent leaves clothes clean and soft. With 114 loads in a single bottle, it’s not only effective but also cost-efficient.” – Victoria_Seelinger_Realtor

4. An organic healing ointment made from no harsh chemicals, just the power of nature to end those nappy rashes 


Made with organic ingredients that soothe, moisturize and recover multiple types of skin issues on your newborn, this USDA-certified cream has been dubbed a “miracle in a jar”.

“Very happy with the ingredients, the babies at this stage shouldn’t be drowning in all of the chemicals that big corporations add to basically all of the baby products.” – Sofia

5. Reusable silicone food pouches, a great alternative to single-use plastic and a convenient size for small tummies 


Portable, leak-free, and easy to clean thanks to the stopper in the sippy lid and wide neck with a flat base, which means fewer dirty bibs for you. 

Parents rave about the durability and time-saving design. 

“I’ve been loading baby food into these bad boys ever since our lil one learned to suck through a straw around 8 months old. Has been a huge time saver, the wide neck makes it easy to fill, and he loves feeding himself!” – Jessica Winnie

6. Organic baby bamboo toothbrushes are perfect for gifting and sustainably made for little mouths

Wild & Stone

Made from compostable bamboo, you simply pull out the bristles with a tweezer when your toothbrush has reached its end of life. Apart from being super eco-friendly, these toothbrushes are adorable. 

“As I try to create less plastic waste, it was essential to find a toddler toothbrush with a compostable bamboo body. This is the only brand of toothbrush my child has had from the first tooth at 4 months old, to now at 19 months!” – Marie Arnold

7. A set of wooden stacking rocks for skill development, painted with toxic-free paint and smoothed edges for both parent and baby play


Get ready to keep your baby or toddler occupied for hours on end with all the unique shapes in this wooden toy set.

Its eco-friendly wooden design makes a change from the usual plastic baby toys.

“I purchased these for my grandsons. They love blocks and these are very different and challenging. Very nice quality, smooth and calming for sensory development, and safe water-based paint with quiet colors. – Karen

8. These holy grail overnight eco diapers with no leak protection, are ideal for sensitive skin and are made with plants 


No leaks with these Honest Company eco diapers, the extra absorbent plus comfortable design fits any baby without irritation.

Their plant-based materials guarantee overnight protection so you and your baby can try to get a peaceful night’s rest (easier said than done, we know).

“These diapers are natural and highly absorbent nighttime diapers I recently tried have truly impressed me. Made with gentle and eco-friendly materials, they provide a safe and comfortable option for my baby’s overnight needs.” – Harish Kumar 

9. Bamboo fitted mattress protector to protect the planet and also your crib mattress


Well made, non-toxic and waterproof, plus eco-friendly, enough said, right? The soft design means minimal noise, which means little disturbance at night = a better night sleep for both parents and baby.

“I was extremely impressed with how soft it was out of the packaging and it didn’t have that plastic feeling as other so-called “waterproof” pads claim. Not to mention, there were no smelly odors.” – Samaira 

10. Promote self-feeding with these eco-bamboo plates that have an adorable bear face 


Did we mention an adorable bear face? Well, that’s one reason to buy these plates, they are also great for the environment and durable thanks to the material. It also doesn’t alter the taste of food. 

Designed to be engaging, these plates can be used right up to toddler ages to teach self-feeding.

“Love these, my kids like them a lot. They suction really well and come clean super easy, I like having everything spaced apart and separate. The size is also decent. Overall happy with my purchase” – Marissa Gorbet

11. Bye-bye single-use diapers and hello to these reusable cloth diapers for saving you money and being more eco-conscious


Who knew diapers could look cool and stylish, well, these diapers are. What makes them even cooler is that they don’t contribute to landfill waste either.

They keep your baby dry with three layers of microfiber material, take it from Daniel if you don’t believe us. “Alongside my wife, these diapers have been one of the best gifts we’ve received for our baby.” – Daniel

12. Biodegradable and compostable wipes, clean and green, made for sensitive skin

Naty Store

Made by the Swedish high-tech Eco by Naty company, these wipes are non-toxic making them safe for allergy-prone skin. They might not smell the best, but, at least we’re being clean and eco-conscious. 

“Love the size, love the durability, love the ingredients, and they clean well without having to use a lot. My only complaint is they stink.” – Dylan C.

13. A silicone baby teether acts as a sensory stimulant with an ergonomic design and zero chemicals inside


Not only is it great for your baby’s gums, this teether acts as a distraction, keeping them entertained for hours, making car trips quieter and more fun for you and your baby. 

Rest assured, the teether is also designed to be safe and gag-free, so you don’t have to monitor.

“Grand baby loves this for teething. Easy to grip and made with silicone. Washes off easily and can be frozen for a soothing effect.” – Bob Albers

14. A natural wooden high chair that is adjustable for long-term use, including a safety harness for peace of mind 


Sustainable and ideal for growing children, this solid wooden high chair is a solid investment in the long run. 

It’s also easy to clean and wipe down and comes with a cute cushion for extra comfort which is removable. 

“For something you assemble yourself, the quality is excellent. Not an expert but it feels like solid wood instead of the pressed wood junk that’s so common these days. Even the husband who was hesitant because of the price was impressed.” – NC

15. First years baby bather made from 50% recycled material for comfortable bathing times 


Make bathing time extra comfortable for your baby with the recline design of this bather and foam for non-slip support. 

“This is perfect. Folds up flat for easy storage. Dries quickly. Super comfortable for her little baby butt. It was perfect for her. It does everything I needed it to do.” – Christina

16. An adorable daisy-shaped all-natural pacifier to make your baby look even cuter  


Safe and comfortable for your baby thanks to the outward curve which avoids contact with the skin and BPA chemical-free natural material. Plus, they are so cute.

“These ones are not only super cute since he always has them on her or with her, but they seem to be holding up pretty well even with her chewing on them a lot! I love the size of them they look and feel more natural for her!” – Taylor Larson 

17. Stylish reusable swim diapers with a one-snap design and cute ocean prints 


Ideal for babies of any size up to three thanks to the adjustable one-snap system. Apart from the cute designs, they are so excellent for catching ‘solids’, you’ll thank us later. 

Remember, these are best for swimming, not for catching liquid spillage.

“First this is a swim diaper so you should not expect high absorbency, but this does a good job of holding things in. My son defiantly pooped in this multiple times while swimming and nothing leaked, actually a couple of times I had no idea until taking off his diaper.” – Nambar

18. These organic Burt’s Bees cotton unisex pajamas with a zip-front design, ideal for sensitive skin babies 


Easy to change design and hypoallergenic for all types of skin, these baby sleeper PJs are child-proof. 

The PJ’s also aren’t slipping thanks to the underfoot gripping. 
“Amazing quality cotton, love them, easy zip, breathable yet warm. I can’t stand polyester and I won’t put my kids in it either.” – Tearnie

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