These Zany Mushrooms Play Music And It’s As Delightful As It Is Mesmerizing.

People on the internet are so clever. We never would have thought about what sounds mushrooms make, but TikTok user modernbiology sure did!

Every living organism emits bioelectricity, including fungi. So when this TikTok user inserts receptors into these mushrooms, they pick up that bioelectricity and transfer it to a synth, which then interprets that electricity as sound. Then, voilà! The mushrooms are singing.

According to the comment section, everybody else is just as entertained as we are. One person quipped, “That’s just the MUSHROOM SCREAMING BECAUSE YOU STABBED IT.” Several other people observed that the noise was exactly what they would expect mushrooms to sound like.

Isn’t science cool? Enjoy the fun fungal sounds in the video below, and don’t hesitate to share this story with your friends.


at long last… ðŸ„🎼 does this sound like a mushroom to you? ##plantsoftiktok ##synthtok ##spaceecho ##mushroom ##mushroommusic

♬ original sound – modernbiology

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