“Most Surprising Mythbusters Result Ever?” Testing Bulls In A China Shop

bulls in a china shop

Mythbusters has a reputation for taking things literally, and in this episode, they tested how bulls actually act in a china shop. Spoiler alert: it’s not how you’d think!

The Mythbusters crew often tests everyday myths and literal interpretations of common phrases. In this episode, they set up a mini china shop in a bull pen to see how the bulls would perform.

They didn’t act like “bulls in a china shop” at all, it turns out!

Rather than ramming into the cabinetry and knocking down plates, the bulls proceeded with an “almost dainty” amount of care, as Grant put it.

I agree with the Mythbusters crew on this one — I had no expectations that these bulls would be so polite!

bulls in a china shop
This image is from TikTok.

Mythbusters fans took to the comments to express who they think the old adage should really be about: deer.

“Now deer, those things would break every dish,” said one fan.

“I’ve seen deer in places they shouldn’t and they always destroy the whole place by the time they’re done,” commented another.

I guess we should all be saying “deer” in a china shop, instead! The more you know!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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