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‘Every day, he’s at the park by himself.’: Mom shares act of kindness for wandering boy at park

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“This is my buddy Audonte. He’s at the park every single day. He’s become like a 4th son to me. He lives somewhere in Savannah and he never has anyone with him, but I sure would like to figure out who his mom is so maybe he can do some fun things with me and my crew. My boys want him to come and hang out with them because I told them all about him. If anyone knows this little boy, please message me so I can make it happen. 

He had a birthday coming up in a few days and I asked him what he wanted. He said, ‘Just some cupcakes.’ What he doesn’t know is I’m pulling up to work with his own cupcake, a bike, and some Beyblades.

I told the boys about him and how blessed they are. I asked them if they wanted to help me pick out birthday presents for him and they told me they would give him their toys. 

I have 3 sons, so I have a special place in my heart for boys. I promise to feed him when he’s hungry, keep him safe when he’s around me, and love him like he’s my own. I would never try to step on your toes, I just want to let your beautiful son be friends with mine. You have the most precious little boy and I look forward to seeing him every single day. 

UPDATE: I got to talk to this boy’s sweet mother this morning. She is a hard-working single mom. He lives right down the street from the park. His happy place is to be with other kids playing. As a mother, I completely understand that. I’m treating mom to dinner tonight and she’s going birthday shopping with me to make this birthday the best one yet! I woke up last night overwhelmed with love. I never expected this. It took me 2 hours to fall back asleep and I prayed that God would work this situation out just as I’d like. 

I prayed to be able to give her son the love I have in my heart. He is very loved at home by his mother, but hey, what’s some more love, right?! It takes a village and I want to be part of that village! I’ve had lots of people write to me about sending money to help with gifts, and that is so amazing! Don’t let the media or this world fool you. There is so much love out here and y’all all showed me and this mother that!

Through my journey with God, I’ve prayed for ONE thing over and over again. I pray for God to use me to spread his love, joy, and glory. I’ve prayed for him to continue to make me grow and let me be able to touch so many people with the love he gives me. God is so good y’all.â€

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Morgan Dixon. 

Courtesy of Morgan Dixon

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