Moo-ve Over, Cats And Dogs! These 15 Cuddly Cows Might Be The Cutest Pets Ever.

farmers cuddling with cute cows

Farm animals don’t usually come to mind when we think of our favorite pets, but it turns out cows are just as affectionate and adorable as any other furry friend.

Cows are very curious animals that possess a lot of very human qualities. Like us, some cows are social – both with other members of their herd and with humans and other animals – while some are more reserved and shy. No matter what their individual personalities may be, cows can be great company. And yes, they even enjoy a good snuggle from time to time!

1. Meet Cody, the cow who looks like a giant teddy bear.

2. We’re not saying she’s the prettiest flower girl we’ve ever seen, but we’re not not saying it, either.

3. Someone crafted this baby cow some ear warmers to fend off frost bite.

4. These two BFFs were caught snuggling at at the Virginia State Fair.

5. “We had a baby on Sunday. Meet Waffles.”

6. Some wear their hearts on their sleeves… some on their foreheads.

7. Just a Highland “coo” and his hedgehog friend. No big deal. (Who are we kidding? It’s a huge deal!)

8. This dog is soaking up some serious bovine love!

9. Is this a cow or a puppy? Simple: it’s a cow puppy.

10. You’ve got to dress pretty warmly in the Scottish Highlands. This little lad has it covered!

11. “Woke up to a surprise this morning! My cow Hashbrown had a Tater Tot!”

12. Moo-rry Christmas from your local dairy farm.

13. Thankfully he doesn’t need to see to be able to munch that hay.

14. “This is Willow, a premature Longhorn calf. She has been raised by dogs and thinks she is one.”

15. Someone snapped this future farmer napping with his favorite cow at the Goshen Fair in Connecticut.

That’s it – we’re moving to the country and adopting an entire herd of cattle! Goodbye, city life!

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