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Woman Rescued Tiny Kitten From Puddle Of Gasoline— Now Says He Saved Her Life, Too.

Sometimes, two souls are just destined to be together. When Moonglade Rose pulled into a gas station during a road trip and found an abandoned kitten, she knew he was her other half–the feline one, at least.

Moonglade and her partner were road-tripping across Louisiana when they stopped at a gas station to fuel up. There, sitting in the parking lot, was a tiny 6-week-old kitten that was covered in gasoline and was badly roughed up from shards of glass and other chemicals. He was barely breathing, but Moonglade knew she had to take him home with her and try to nurse him back to health.


You see, she and the kitten had something in common; just as the little fur baby had been abandoned in the parking lot, Moonglade had also been given up by her mother.

“I was given up at birth in Louisiana and I happened to find him while on a road trip about 5 miles from where I was born,”she revealed to LoveMeow. “I KNOW we are soul mates. I rescued him from a puddle of gasoline and he rescued me from crushing loneliness.â€

Upon returning home with the kitten, Moonglade named him Andy. He didn’t want to be left alone and would meow worriedly, so during the first two nights, Moonglade slept next to him and rested her arm in his bed for him to snuggle with.


At first, Andy wasn’t so keen on his new pug sister. But after a short period of getting used to her, the two siblings became fast friends.


It’s now been about a year since Moonglade rescued Andy, who has grown into a happy and healthy cat. “Now I can’t sleep without him. I’ve felt alone my whole life. Not anymore!” says Moonglade. If Andy’s cuddles are as sweet as they look, we can’t imagine sleeping without him, either.


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