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Brother Helps Twin Become 1st Person With Cerebral Palsy To Complete Ironman.

Peder Mondrup may not have the ability to walk or run, but that didn’t stop him from achieving something many able-bodied people can’t. His brother, Steen, wouldn’t let it.

While the Danish twins are marked by significant physical differences, they do everything together – including athletic competitions.

twin triathletes

Both brothers were born three months prematurely in 1980. Peder suffered a lack of oxygen during the birth, resulting in cerebral palsy. He’s spent his entire life in a wheelchair, but you won’t see him feeling sorry for himself. He’s too busy proving physical limitations don’t have to define or hold anyone back from doing whatever they want.

baby peder cerebral palsy

And his sweet, supportive brother, Steen is doing the same by his side. The Danish pair, known as Team Tvilling, or Team Twin, have made it their mission to advocate for differently-abled people participating in physical activities. In fact, they pulled off what was once considered impossible for Peder.

triathlon finish line

In 2014, the brothers made history when Peder became the first person with cerebral palsy to complete a triathlon. They finished the Ironman triathlon race in Copenhagen, Denmark, in just under 16 hours together. Steen swam 2.4 miles while pulling Peder in inflatable raft…

triathlon swimming

…then carried his brother out of the water to cycle another 112 miles. As always, Peder was right there with him in a running wheelchair attached to the bike.

team tvilling triathlon

Finally, the brothers reached the last leg of the race, during which Steen ran 26.2 miles, pushing Peder in a wheelchair. Steen could not stop grinning as they crossed the finish line with a time of 15 hours, 42 minutes, and 38 seconds.

triathlon finish line

Talk about making the most of it! Peder is such an inspiration for refusing to let his condition put any limitations on his life. The way he sees it, though, he and Steen just have different strengths.

“As we have always said: Steen got the legs and Peder got the brains, so we are the perfect combination for an athlete with iron will,” the brothers said.

team tvilling

Check out footage from the triathlon below, and share to inspire others with their story!

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