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Mom’s Strange But Silly Hack Keeps Baby Calm In Her Car Seat

A cute baby sitting in a car seat smiling.

Are you struggling to keep your baby from getting fussy in the car seat? One mom came up with a hilarious hack for car rides, and it actually works! Jacquie Ciccone shared the most adorable video on social media of her clever solution in action. Parents, take note!

In the clip, Mom showed the baby buckled up in her car seat, ready for a ride. She wasn’t putting up a fight. In fact, all her attention was directed at the back of the seat in front of her. Finally, Jacquie panned the camera over to what the baby was looking at so intently. It was a big photo of her mother smiling!

“When the baby hates the car seat but loves your face,” Mom joked in the caption of her video.

How adorable is this solution?


When your baby hates the car seat but loves your face

♬ original sound – Jacquie Ciccone

After looking at the photo for a while, the child started grinning and making happy sounds. You’d never be able to tell that this baby used to hate sitting in her car seat! This adorable clip has received six million views on social media.

Commenters thought that this mom’s unique hack was pretty ingenious, and a few parents couldn’t believe they never thought of it before! However, most of the users were focused on how sweet it is that this baby feels calm just from looking at a picture of her mother.

A cute baby sitting in a car seat smiling.
Screengrab from TikTok

“You mean I’m on baby #2 that screams the whole car ride and I haven’t thought of this?” one person wrote.

Another said, “You’re standing right there but she’s still giggling at the picture. BEYOND adorable.”

A third added, “Instant baby fever omg. What a sweetie! Also you’re a genius haha.”

Sometimes, you have to get creative as a parent. This mom deserves all kinds of credit for coming up with this heartwarming solution to her baby getting antsy in her car seat!

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