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Mom-To-Be Tries Revealing Pregnancy In Creative Game… But Her Husband Fails Hilariously.

woman writes on man's back

This mom-to-be took a creative approach to her pregnancy reveal that was simple for some, but not for others!

If you’ve ever played the game Telephone, you’ll recognize the gist of this game. In normal Telephone, one person will whisper something in one ear, and it’ll go around the circle, and then usually, the word gets distorted.

This image is from YouTube.

In this version, this woman lined up her family members and taped a piece of paper on each of their backs. She then wrote the phrase, “I’m Preg,” on the back of her mom’s paper. Her mom, then, needed to transcribe the message on her husband’s back, and then on the daughter’s husband’s back.

Of course, her mother got the message right away! She was so excited to learn of her daughter’s pregnancy!

This woman’s husband, however, couldn’t quite get the message sorted out! She had to give him a bit of a hint at the end, but once it clicked, he was beyond thrilled.

Check out the full video below for one of the most creative and adorable pregnancy reveals ever.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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