Brave Mom Asks To Play Stranger’s Piano, But He Is Floored By Her Ragtime Performance.

Dotan Negrin is known online as the man who pushes his piano around the world. Since 2011, Dotan has been doing what he loves most– bringing music to the world– throughout 350 cities in 20 different countries. As he travels, he collects stories, miles, and tons of new friends who witness his piano-playing world adventure.

Last summer, a video of his went viral featuring a woman playing very impressively on his piano. Dotan happened to be in New York City with his piano parked on a city block when Tatyana Smolyaninov walked up and asked if she could play the piano.


Not only did she have the bravery to ask a stranger if she could play in public, but it turns out that she has some serious skills!

As she begins playing Manfred Schmitz’s Jazz Etude with impeccable precision, a crowd forms on the sidewalk to cheer her on and throw in tips. Dotan can be seen in the video dancing with his dog Brando.


Tatyana just happened to be in New York City for a professional development workshop on teaching Hebrew for her work back at home in Winnipeg at the Gray Academy for Jewish Education. Originally from Ukraine, Tatyana has been living in Canada with her husband and two daughters since 2007. Although she is not the music teacher at Gray Academy, she is known for having a piano in her classroom at all times.

“It doesn’t matter where the piano (is), when I see the piano, I always ask to play,” she told the Winnipeg Free Press. “I’m originally a piano teacher, I’m playing since I was six, so for 39 years already. There was this very nice guy with a dog and I said, ‘Whose is this piano, and can I play?’ He said, ‘Of course’, and I just had to play it.”

Winnipeg Free Press

Watch the video below for this beautiful performance and make sure to share with your friends and family!

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