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Mom Panics When Son Stops Breathing, So She Invents Device To Help Others Be Prepared.

Felicia Jackson shows off her invention, the CPR Wrap.

Felicia Jackson was certified in CPR, but that didn’t stop her from drawing a blank in the face of a real-life crisis. When her son stopped breathing, she panicked. Thankfully, her husband remained calm and was able to save their child. Nonetheless, Felicia was shaken to find that, with all her years of medical experience, she wasn’t able to respond to her son’s emergency under duress.

This harrowing situation inspired Felicia to come up with a simple tool to make performing CPR easier, especially in high-stakes scenarios. She created the CPR Wrap, a portable template that can be laid over the body of the victim to show where the resuscitator should put their hands and mouth. Not only does the product provide helpful instructions, but it also includes a face shield and a one-way breathing barrier. This cuts down on the transfer of germs while performing mouth-to-mouth.

CPR Wrap is a template that makes performing CPR easy.
Screengrab from CPR Wrap/TikTok

“Even people experienced in CPR can forget their training in stressful situations,” reads the description on the product’s website. “CPRWrap makes it possible for those individuals to effectively perform CPR at a moment’s notice.”

Although Good Good Good tells us that CPR Wrap was launched in 2017, one video on the company’s TikTok account has recently gone viral. In the clip, Felicia walks viewers through the simple process of using her product to perform CPR. She adds that it’s “so easy a child could do it.” The brand now boasts over 100,000 followers and 2 million likes.

Commenters were thrilled with the product, many of them citing a medical background.

“As a veteran paramedic, I can 110% back this,” one user wrote. “This is a brilliant idea; not just for home, but for everywhere.”

“I’ve been trained for years in CPR first aid,” another said. “The first time I needed it, it vanished. This is super smart!”

Felicia Jackson shows off her invention, the CPR Wrap.
Screengrab from CPR Wrap/TikTok

In another short video, Felicia gave a demonstration of the child-sized version of her invention on a CPR doll. She instructed viewers to perform “30 compressions” on the chest where the template shows a pair of hands, and “2 gentle rescue breathings” on the mouthpiece.

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