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Mom On Laughing Gas Can’t Stop Cracking Up At Her Newborn Baby

image of a baby's feet

Giving birth can be very strenuous, and it is an experience not for the faint of heart. However, a laughing gas birth appears to be a much better experience. Nitrous oxide is used during some medical procedures to relax people. A mix of laughing gas with oxygen can be helpful during labor and delivery instead of more harmful pain relievers.

When this husband saw his wife, Lauren, reacting to their newborn infant, he began recording. She began laughing and pointing as she rolled over and saw their newborn. Unable to control his own laughter, he stammered, “Why are you pointing at the baby for?” Her loud response was, “Look at that kid!”

An apparent side effect of the laughing gas caused Lauren to deny the birth. Through fits of laughter, her husband told her that it was her baby. Still laughing hysterically, she replied, “That ain’t mine.”

We’re sure Lauren calmed down and accepted the truth. This moment following her laughing gas birth will be something for the family to remember forever. Her husband will undoubtedly tease her about the hysterics. It may even become a favorite story at future family reunions.

Becoming a parent can be one of the happiest moments in a couple’s marriage. Celebrating the birth of a child together is an amazing experience. In this case, the laughing gas birth seems to have added a new level to the room’s happiness. Please wish these new parents all the best as they move on from this laughing gas birth into the world of childrearing. Their lives will surely have blessings if they maintain this level of humor.

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